Precision and efficiency

Proven experience translated into modernity.

The rich experience of centuries plus the most modern technology are in tectofix. Laying it out on the carpenter's square, before straightening, was a "must" back then in order to achieve the necessary accuracy!

With tectofix, the building surface is created and pre-produced as a whole in the workshop according to the master plan.

The result:

  • No individual element plans
  • 100% conformity with the main dimensions
  • Compensation of all intermediate dimensional tolerances
  • Ready-made, highly accurate joint solutions right down to the wood grain
  • Possibility of marking the upper floor walls or cutting off the deck width already in the workshop.

Only then is the building surface broken down into elements suitable for transport.

  • Assembly on the construction site is quick, with only a few tools.
  • There is no need for tolerance compensation or joint adjustment!
  • There is no need to use time-wasting "compensating elements".
  • Minimal work preparation for roof and ceiling elements
tectofix Methode nur 6 Stück erforderliche Konstruktionspunkte
  • Offcut reduction
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  • Factory installation of the flat roof waterproofing is possible very economically.
    On site, the connection is simply glued and is immediately rainproof. 
  • Steel beam installation possible

Overall conclusion: The assembly times are unbeatably short.